Sponsor or preorder the new Valentine album!

Out June 16!

Please note: orders placed after June 10th will not be shipped until AFTER the release-show.

Dear friends,
I'm currently rounding off the recording of my new album - THE ALLIANCE - it is now YOUR chance to support the album by purchasing one of the sponsorship or pre-sale packages.

If you have any other ideas for sponsorship or have any questions about the packages don't hesitate and contact us through robbyvalentinepromo@gmail.com.

The release party will be held in P3 Purmerend on the 16th of June 2018. If you are not interested in one of the packages you can ofcourse also just order the album for 20 EUR incl. shipping.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the release party, and I hope that you like the new album!


Scroll down for more details or download the PDF containing all the details.


Package Price
CD € 20,-
A € 25,-
B € 50,-
C € 65,-
D € 80,-
E € 95,-
F € 100,-
G € 150,-
H € 125,-
I € 125,-
J € 200,-
K € 250,-

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  1. Ticket

    Entrance to the release party June 16 (Can't make it to the release show? We'll send it to your home address: shipment Friday the 15th of June).

    Included in packages:

    A B C D E F G H I J K
  2. CD

    The regular edition of the album in a jewel-case.

    Included in packages:

    A B C D E
  3. Deluxe CD

    The limited edition DELUXE version of the album: extra disc with outtakes of the album, liner notes and much extra information. The deluxe version will either be a media book or double album with additional magazine (depending on the amount of sponsors).

    Included in packages:

    F G H I J K
  4. Bizarro World Piano Versions

    After the release of Bizarro World Robby recorded instrumental piano versions of most of the tracks on the album. Some of these were available for free online. This is your chance to get the full set on a professionally produced CD.

    Included in packages:

    C E G J K
  5. The Magic Infinity Demos

    This year it's been 25 years since the release of The Magic Infinity album. This exclusive CD gives you access to exclusive demo's which have never been heard before!

    Included in packages:

    D E G J K
  6. Autographed photos

    Two profesional promo photos, autographed by Robby himself!

    Included in packages:

    B C D E F K
  7. Autographed poster

    Autographed poster. Design and format yet to be determined.

    Included in packages:

    F G H I J K
  8. T-shirt

    New limited edition t-shirt. Design is yet to be determined.

    Included in packages:

    I J K
  9. Silver Pendant

    A beautiful limited edition necklace for a special price.

    Included in packages:

    H J K

Be in the booklet!

All packages (apart from package A) give you the chance to purchase eternal fame and have your name listed in the booklet of the new album for an additional €50,-. If you want to sponsor the album, please select that option in the pre-order form!

Package K already includes the sponsoring!


All extra items being sold in the sponsorship and pre-sale packages are limited edition. If however we do not sell all items made, the 'left overs' will be sold at the merchandise stand at the release party & our other shows. So you don't necessarily have to purchase an expensive sponsor package. You can also take your chances and hope not everything will be sold out during the pre-sale and save some money while you're at it.

All content on this page and in the packages is subject to change. If for example not enough packages are sold to warrant the production of a deluxe edition this perk might be cancelled. If that is the case you will ofcourse receive a refund for the changed item based on the prices below.

Prices will be as follows after June 16 (shipment not included):

  • The new album: €15,-
  • Bizarro World piano album: € 10,-
  • Magic Infinity Demo's: € 25,-
  • New T shirt: € 25,-
  • Valentine Pendant: € 39,95


All packages except A include early shipping of the main album (or the deluxe edition). This means that the album will be shipped one week in advance of the release-party, so you can sing along to all the songs! All other items can be picked up at the release-show.

If you order one of the above packages and are NOT coming to the release party, we will first use the worth of your entrance ticket (EUR 15,-) for your shipment. If EUR 15,- turns out not to be enough to cover the shipment costs, you would have to pay an additional fee to cover extra costs for shipment.

However, as we do not know the weight of the new products, we can't yet tell you how much postage will be yet. For the deluxe edition it will be a secured shipment, so in case your package gets lost you will receive a new one.


You can place your pre-orders by using the link below. You do not have to pay immediately, as you will receive a receipt containing all the details when we have processed your order.

You can pay via PayPal or via banktransfer. The PayPal option will include a 3.4% tax as that's what PayPal will bill us for their service.

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