Back On The Track



Father I have failed you
time after time
You know I disobeyed you
You know I was blind
to all the earthly wishes
to all the earthly sins
to all the wrong addiction
You know just where I've been
Please give me one more chance

I won't blame nobody
I know there's no excuse
I broke the promise
Ooh I deserve to lose
All the magic power
the healing of Your hands
Forgive me for my weakness
Forgive me for my sins
Can't you give me one more chance

'Cause I'm back
Back on the track
Back on the road again
Opened my eyes, now I know
Well I'm back
Back on the track
I'm coming home again
Free from the lies
I am born again

Since I was a young boy
I knew where to go
But time had blurred my vision
How could I know
But ever since I've known You
there's meaning to my life
Please give me back the passion
The goal for which I strive
Can't you give me one more chance


I lost my destination
I lost my inspiration
Soothed my soul
with all the sequential lies
I sank in deep frustration
I failed to find salvation
Won't You take me home
Father, take me home



Lead vocals, vocal harmonies, black and whites, bass-guitar, lead, harmonic, acoustic and rhythm guitars, vocoder, drum programming and other noises.
Robby Valentine
Drums, percussion, drumprogramming
Juan van Emmerloot
Rani, Sara and Noortje Koch
Additional vocal harmonies
Jay Jay Willems

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Back On The Track