Don't Tell Me



I don't know, I don't care
what's goin on
In the world of the wolves
I don't belong
People say I'm out of my mind
They're just mentally blind

Every street, every town
It's all the same
It's the black, it's the white
who get the blame
Searching for an open mind
For the innocent kind
But I just can't find

All I ever do is search for the truth
Wander day and night
Please give me a clue
Looking for a heartbeat pounding so true
I'm counting on You my Lord
Don't tell me there'll be less to find

I don't know, I don't care
what's going on
In a world of despair
I don't belong
People lose the way to their hearts
for the immortal farce
(so many dumb souls living a lie)

I don't feel for a mind
where love is gone (I hate it, I loathe it)
Should I care for the souls
in which right is wrong
Got to get it out of my mind
before it intertwines
with the child inside





Lead vocals, vocal harmonies, black and whites, bass-guitar, lead, harmonic, acoustic and rhythm guitars, vocoder, drum programming and other noises.
Robby Valentine
Drums, percussion, drumprogramming
Juan van Emmerloot
Rani, Sara and Noortje Koch
Additional vocal harmonies
Jay Jay Willems

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Don't Tell Me