Heaven In Callin'



I have a dream and an endless desire
Something stronger than love
Still out of reach
Please don't call me a liar
Makes me feel I've had enough

Something inside is taking my mind away
Something inside cuts my heart

Stroll so sad - rain in my face
Need a shoulder to cry on
Where's my girl for a light through this haze
But she don't wanna see me anymore

Hard times in my life - they won't get me down
But sometimes I don't know

From the blue sky heaven is callin'
When I look into her eyes
It's gotta be so nice
From the blue sky heaven is callin' me now
But here I gotta make it somehow

I still have a dream and an endless desire
Keeps me from going insane
But these days I'm hanging on a wire
Ooh it feels so in vain

Well I try to lose my memories
And start to live and tell
But everytime it turns to be a madman's carrousel
It's hard to understand those tears
But I'm sure they're meant to be
To fortify the winner in me


Written, composed and arranged
Robby Valentine
Lead-vocals, harmony-vocals, grand-piano, synthesizers, rhythm-guitars, drum and synth programming, synth basses
Robby Valentine
Extra harmony-vocals
Johan Willems
Fairlight programming
Attie Bauw
Lex Bolderdijk
Produced, engineered and mixed
Erwin Musper

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Heaven In Callin'