How Can I Live Without You



Dear baby, we're both so unhappy now
Being far apart, living in this cold world
But darling, please believe me now
To each other we belong - you're my only home
Can't you see the world spins in a different way
Since we fell into the dark - but we can
find the magic back again - faith is all it takes
Baby please awake, it's not too late

How can I live without you - how can my heart go on
How can I move the mountains
How can I still be strong
Now that everything I'm dreaming of is gone

Robby talks about How Can I Live Without You

A little sad piano ballad. The first of 6 tracks glued together. I wrote it late 2000. Recorded the piano end of 2001. Re-wrote the lyric and recorded the vocal about a year later.


Lead vocals, choirs, grand piano, synthesizers, all guitars, bass-guitar, drum programming
Robby Valentine

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How Can I Live Without You