I Will Come Through



All my life
I've been searching for my Valentine
I'e been waiting for some peace of mind
to guide me through

Lost in time
Oh I almost crossed the borderline
But the love I though I'd never find
I found in you

Life on earth seemed just a terrible phase
But now I clearly see the light through the haze

Whenever I reach the sky
Whenever my dreams are high
Where ever I'm going to
I'll be back again
Whenever the sun won't shine
Whenever this world will lie
Whatever they say
Whatever they do
I will come through

by a vision seen through children's eyes
How I chased it without compromise
Still I would lose

All my life
was a solitary sacrifice
How the world had brought me down to size
And killed my view

But I'm convinced the disillusion will end
And all the magic times will come back again




Lead vocals, vocal harmonies, black and whites, bass-guitar, lead, harmonic, acoustic and rhythm guitars, vocoder, drum programming and other noises.
Robby Valentine

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I Will Come Through