Love Is Alive



I know what it is
Feeling lonely and lost in yourself
I know how it feels
When you can't find the cure on a shelf
Will you always be sad
For the rest of your life
Never forget that it cuts like a knife
Colours your world like a painting
In all kinds of blue

Ain't no lie - no one can show you the way
Tell me why - nothing will light up your day

With a heart full of soul
But still out of control
You'll never make it to the borderline
If you don't change the road to your heart

Love is alive - don't you know why
Cuts like a knife in your soul
Love is alive - waiting to answer your call
Standing with your back to the wall

You're running away from the problems
That worry your mind
You're searching all day
But tears you have cried made you blind
Won't you ever forget that ties always bind
Will you get by - 'cause love ain't so kind
Only a dream and it seems
It will never come true

Ain't no lie - someone can show you the way
Tell me why - something will light up your day


Written, composed and arranged
Robby Valentine
Lead-vocals, harmony-vocals, grand-piano, synthesizers, rhythm-guitars, drum and synth programming, synth basses
Robby Valentine
Extra harmony-vocals
Johan Willems
Fairlight programming
Attie Bauw
Extra harmony-vocals
Arthur Polini
Lex Bolderdijk
Produced, engineered and mixed
Erwin Musper

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Love Is Alive