Magical Memories



I grew up with "A Night At The Opera"
My mum and dad, they were the best
"Mr. Blue Sky" and "Everytime I Think Of You"
Those were the hits, my youth was blessed
It was the key to a dream
To show a world no one's ever seens
The wonder years, if only they could last

1 o'clock I gotta go
I gotta get down to the station
Gonna see my babe this afternoon
Cheerio, we gotta go to the great circus-show
With Billy Blue and the tumbler too
Fooling around

You and me - honeybee - on a trip over the ocean
Went to see my dear old friend called Rupert
Those were the days, we were ace
But love wouldn't stay
But no one takes these memories away

Robby talks about Magical Memories

Three little pieces put together. The end part is an attempt of a mid 70’s Brian May type of solo on vaudeville music that I had in my head for 10 years. As a huge fan I even played it on a copy of his guitar, though not through a Vox AC 30, but a Fender combo. With very tastefully played drums by Juan.

The middle part’s a happy 60’s sounding thing, about a trip to England. And the first part a ballad about childhood memories. How my parents supported me, the music I grew up with, that became like a bible. Queen’s ‘A Night At The Opera’ was the first album I got. A present for my 7th birthday from my grand mother. And I mention ‘Every time I think of You ‘ from the Babys, my first introduction to the beautiful voice of John Waite, since then I’m a huge fan . ‘Mr. Blue Sky’, My favourite ELO song. Those were the 3 most important bands for me when I grew up: Queen, ELO , The Babys.


Lead vocals, choirs, grand piano, synthesizers, all guitars, bass-guitar, drum programming
Robby Valentine
Juan van Emmerloot

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Magical Memories