Magnum Opus



I walk down the street gonna buy something sweet
Guess some sugar might heal
Just for an hour or a minute or two
Change the way that I feel

I had to be alone to get into the special zone
But now I feel undone
Just because I'm overdosed doesn't mean I'm bored
with my baby

What would I do in a world without you
You save my life
Whenever I'm lost, you're guiding me all the way
What would I do when I can't count on you
within my life
All that I say
A magnum for everyday!

Robby talks about Magnum Opus

An ode to Magnum ice cream. In the past I wrote some long and epical tracks . I was asked frequently to record more of these rock opera type of songs. Being fed up with recording long tracks and with that question I called this short song ‘Magnum opus’ . The title suggests a big rock opera or something like it, while it’s just a silly 60’s type of song. It looks like it’s about a girl but in the end it turns out to be about Magnum Ice-cream.

Maybe they can adopt it in a commercial . That would be a dream, full circle. It surely would be a little payback for all the money I spent on them through the years. I did some guitar harmonies with the Brian May guitar on it. And my favourite drummer Juan plays the drums.


Lead vocals, choirs, grand piano, synthesizers, all guitars, bass-guitar, drum programming
Robby Valentine
Juan van Emmerloot

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Magnum Opus