Searching Forever



Alone in the dark - thinking 'bout our love
We came so far but never close enough
Time was on our side - so how could we divide
I never felt such a pain before

Love seems so far away - Oh I wish that I could die
Why can't we give it another try

Tears in my eyes, another in your life
I can't believe it's what you're looking for
But I cannot forget - the better times we shared
Why can't we love like those memories

They're not so far away - are they so hard to remain
The things we felt before - or is this song still in vain

Love's not meant for me, love is a fantasy
I keep searching forever
Love's no friend of mine
My love-life sun will never shine
Search for the thing I can never find
Your love

Hold me tight, let me help you win this fight
I can give you love forever
Roll the dice, I don't want to love on lies
'Cause I still keep this feeling - I still keep this feeling...

Your love...
I don't wanna miss you

I will always love you...

Robby talks about Searching Forever

1990 written piano ballad Searching Forever is about the end of a love . Heartbroken and desolated, trying to face the thought that real love might not exist. A beautiful but sad conclusion of the mainly dark atmosphere on the album.

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Searching Forever