Show Your Face



You want the big screen - you want a fast car
But every time in vain you try
To write a hit song - become a rock star
Relentlessly the years go by
I love you - I hate you
I'll take it all anyway you want to
I'll help you, stand by you
But now it's time you're gonna get through

(And) Show your face - show your face
Show your face now!
Left-right! Hey! Left-Right! Hey!
Show your face - show your face
Show your face!

I watch the big screen, it's Gwen Stefani
With Linda Perry's song this time
Oh now I know how Bobby McFerrin feels
Return the favour in the chorus line
Don't worry, I ain't happy
But don't let it stop your jeer upon me
So hate me, deny me
Go chase the herd you follow blindly!

I don't bow for a humanoid
I don't bow for a humanoid
I don't. I don't. I don't bow for a humanoid. I don't bow.
I wish 'em all dead. Hey dead. Hey dead. Hey dead. Hey
Hey hey hey hey hey hey
Show your face - show your face
Show your face - show your face
Show your face

Robby talks about Show Your Face

Pushy, annoying and a little modern. Being a little pissed off by the fact songwriter Linda Perry obviously listened a little too well to the verses of his song “What In The World I’m Waiting For” from the 2000 released Valentine album ‘Believing Is Seeing’ for Gwen Stefanie’s solo debut single : “What You Waiting For” , RV wrote this track to show his dissatisfaction . But there’s more to the song of course. It’s about knowing who you are and what you stand for. Nice part is when the song gets into a more aggressive stage at 1:48 min. The threatening builds up, then shouts….. “I don’t bow for a humanoid !!!!” Lots of frustrations are coming out . Frustrations about society and about how pure souls are being deformed, or let themselves being deformed . Frustrations about how so many deny their own unpopular goals and being.


KX Synthesizer-lick

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Show Your Face