The Mercurian Mystery March I



In the beginning, a sun and two moons in the sky
Mercurian orbit swinging, the polar lights on the equator sing

La la la la la la la in the beginning

This was not the first time the wheel was invented
there were men before the apeman
(Alei-alei ova coua, alei-alei ova coua)
They came from the sky sowing seeds on the world
breeding many kinds of races
(Alei-alei ova coua, alei-alei ova coua)

They built Atlantic cities
they educated living
We threw rocks at the moons in the sky
We grew wiser as the ages flew by
The knowledge made us greedy
The first end of the world

Stairway of human evolution ending with a
Nuclear breeze - Big Bang by the atom beam
Nuclear breeze - Black bite in the cerulean
Fratricide genealogy
We're reviving the history
The Mercurian Mystery

People of the past being barbarian
today remain the same unless they start becoming egalitarian

The lineage of the race after apocalypse will survive for many eons...


Juan van Emmerloot
All Guitars & Bass
Valensia Clarkson
Grand Piano
Robby Valentine
All lead & harmonic extravaganza vocals
Robby & Valensia
Drums & guitars
Recorded at Wisseloord Studios
Everything else
Recorded at The Isolation Cell
Drums engineered by
Holger Schwedt
Guitars engineered by
Holger, Robby & Valensia
Mixed at
Wisseloord Studios

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The Mercurian Mystery March I