The Power Above



There is nothing more to say
I got no more time to waste
But there's nothing in my life
that can forgive me my mistakes
that can speed up my pace
Like I'm dying deep inside

Why do I still live for the moment
Why do I still fall into disgrace

Each and every night I pray
Still my mind's in disarray
I can't handle all these lies
Too many times I was betrayed
Ooh I can't live with all this hate
It is ruining all my life

Why do I still fear for the future
Why do I still live in yesterday

Break free - make a stand
Reach for the sky - reach for the fire
Don't fear - walk the stairs
Into the the light - higher and higher
It guides me - The Power Above

I got nothing more to say
to my friends of yesterday
to the burden in my mind

I won't vomit on their graves
I'm sure that justice will prevail
Here or in the future life

Why do I still feel all this anger
Why do I still think of yesterday




The Power of Love
The Power Above


Lead vocals, vocal harmonies, black and whites, bass-guitar, lead, harmonic, acoustic and rhythm guitars, vocoder, drum programming and other noises.
Robby Valentine
Drums, percussion, drumprogramming
Juan van Emmerloot
Rani, Sara and Noortje Koch
Additional backing vocals
Jay Jay Willems
Lead guitar
Bert Meulendijk

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The Power Above