The Waltz of the World



If you're one of the folks who try to change the world a bit
but the things you do they run counter to it
no blame, don't be ashamed afterall
that's what we've been told

Under the willow
Everyone tell your child
Under the willow
Tell how they must live their lives

Oh save our souls (come up and save our souls)
Let me show you the road (we will show you the road)

A blue pre-historic Monday
How gifted they were
How we've unlearned it all
Returning the gift one day

Imagine an Earth where the Common Flag waves
Would be a wealthy world if we did it right
When you realize the wealth of mind & life
We'd be the Kings in a new paradise

Under the willow
Everyone tell your child
Under the willow

Everyone knows
the way it all goes
now, same the world
stop WWW3 commencing in 1999

Lift this world to higher ground with mindcraft & devotion

Tell it to the future child


Juan van Emmerloot
All guitars & bass
Grand Piano
Robby Valentine
Drums & guitars
Recorded at Wisseloord Studios
Everything else
Recorded at The Isolation Cell
Drums engineered by
Holger Schwedt
Guitars engineered by
Hogler, Robby & Valensia
Mixed at
Wisseloord Studios

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The Waltz of the World