Guest appearance on new Baz Francis record

April 26, 2017

Robby and Maria Catharina appear on the new Baz Francis album

After having played multiple shows together in 2016 Baz Francis invited Robby and Maria Catharina to appear on the song “Saving Graces” from his new album “Face That Launched A Thousand Shipwrecks”. The album was released two days ago on Magic Cat Records Limited (MCR0015).

You can watch the first single from the album “Don’t Let Me Go On” below.

  1. It’s Hard Here (On Planet Earth)
  2. Don’t Let Me Go On
  3. Saving Graces (featuring Robby Valentine & Maria Catharina)
  4. Darken My Door
  5. Standing On Your Shoulders
  6. Revenge Of The Animal Kingdom
  7. Murder Dancing
  8. Each Side Of The Night
  9. Pulling The Other One
  10. That’s My Problem No More
  11. Bird On The Wire
  12. Where To Disappear
  13. Pulling The Other One (Acoustic Session) (Digital-only bonustrack)

Order the cd or purchase from iTunes.

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