I Believe In You



I walk alone beneath the stars
I hear you - inspiration's calling me
And I thank you on my knees
For the way you make my life complete

Yes I know that life's unsure
I give my heart and soul to get it right
But if anything goes wrong
I always know my heart will carry on

Oh I believe in you
The strength is on my side
You help me thru' and thru'
And give me back my pride
This song you hear I dedicate to you

Oh God she's always on my mind
She's the girl that was so hard to find
Never felt like this before
She's the one I will love forever more

I feel that this is meant to be
Never knew she had so much in store
And if time is on our side
I surely know my heart will carry on

Oh I believe in her
The strength is on my side
Now I can face the world
And split the wrong from right
The feeling grows
I'm finally coming through

There were days
When all these words were hard to find
Living in this world without a friend
How hard I tried - they got in the way
I could never sing till the end

But I still believe
That I catch the magic sound
I just won't give up trying
Till you are around

Love left you - would I ever start again
(Fighting for an answer)
So lonely - reach out for a helping hand
(Living without your love)
No one can hear me - no one will fear me
I'm so shy - I wonder why

Living in a home without a heart
I thought of moving out
I've been waitin' for a brand new start
Now I can face the crowd

Oh you tried to get along
(Everything went wrong)
Nowhere to belong - wasn't easy to survive
Yes so hard to carry on with a fear so strong
Like you're losing all the time

Give it - no - give it - no
Give your soul and you'll be free
Give it - no - give it - no
Then we'll never let it be
Will you still be there
If you do believe in this dream
You know it's plain to see
(You and me)
Go - go

Love so strong - here's where I belong
And I leave the fears behind
Till the end of time

And I'm sure I'll find my way
'Cause I know the words to say
Yes I'm sure it won't be long
'Cause I know I'm not alone

Oh I never - no I never
Oh I never lose my faith in you
I believe in you


Written, composed and arranged
Robby Valentine
Lead-vocals, harmony-vocals, grand-piano, synthesizers, rhythm-guitars, drum and synth programming, synth basses, lead-guitar
Robby Valentine
Extra harmony-vocals
Johan Willems
Fairlight programming
Attie Bauw
Produced, engineered and mixed
Erwin Musper

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I Believe In You