No Turning Back



I believed in love
Love at first sight
I gave my heart to someone
Whose love was a lie
I took up with those
Who caused me misery
They only wanted money
Didn't care about me

That's life
But I close the evil doors
That's life
No I won't fall anymore
That's life
I finally feel the power in me

When there's no turning back
To the one I was before
And there's no turning back
'Cause I'm going for more
This time I don't reach for nowhere
'Cause He gave me the sign
On my way to the time
Where my heart is high

I did everything
For all the friends I had
But when they didn't need me
I could drop dead
My mind was a prison-cell
Of all the evil thoughts
Caused by disillusion
I ran outta love

That's life
But I'm changed forever more
That's life
No I don't crawl anymore
That's life
I finally feel the power in me


I feel the strength - time and again
It takes me there
To the world - to the place
Where the heart is high
I'll reach the top - I won't give up
I'll find my love
No I never know
Who I can be without a try

Maybe my demands are much too high
But can't you see for less
I'd rather die
I love you - love you
True - true - true - true
True love never dies

I am the answer myself
I searched so long - I went so wrong
I lived a lie

Just feel the power forever - ever
There's no - no turning back
No there's no - no turning back
No there's no turning back for you
For you - just for you


Lead-vocals, harmony vocals, grand piano, synthesizers
Robby Valentine
Lead & rhythm guitars
Rob Winter
Bass guitar
Arthur Polini
Hans Eijkenaar
Additional harmony vocals (Bombastic intro)
Robby & Johan Willems
Additional harmony vocals (I feel the strength)
Robby & Arthur
Additional harmony vocals (Final)
Robby, Arthur, John, Rob

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No Turning Back