Only Your Love



I'm lost in a senseless fight
Searching for the truth in my life
I feel it's an endless lie
Only with you I survive

I thought our last goodbye
Would help me find my way
(To find my way)
But no matter how hard I try
Only you can make me say

Only you love - only your love
Can put me back together
Only you love - only your love
Can send my mind up to heaven
Nothing can reach me enough
Only your love

My life is a restless night
Always it's you on my mind
It's so hard
'Cause it feels so right
Angel my love never dies

If feels like I've lost my home
I'll never find my way
(It won't succeed)
Can't you see that I'm so alone
You're the only one that I need


How could this dream survive
After all that I've been through
(All that I've been through)
How come my love don't die
Can't you see it's true
(My love for you)



Lead-vocals, harmony vocals, synthesizers, drum programming
Robby Valentine
Lead & rhythm guitars
Rob Winter
Bass guitar
Arthur Polini
Cymbals & Hi-hats
Pim Koopman

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Only Your Love