The Magic Breeze



Deep down I went day by day
To find the one inside
Life became a stranger
Locked behind the fright
But you're the one I'm searching for
You can stop my fall
Take me back to better times
Those I might recall

Love is the only thing
The only thing I need
Open up the haze
Blow the magic breeze

Just one minute of your life
Heals the wound inside
Takes me out of nowhere
Solves the questions in my heart
That tore me all apart
And set me free
'Cause time won't let me be

Will I ever live my dreams
If no one seems to hear
Voices of a strange and
Undeniable fear
It's hard to take those magic steps
When everyone demands
I can't go on like this
I have to take a chance

You are the only one
The only one I need
Open up the haze
Blow the magic breeze

I keep hiding in disguise
All my life thru' different eyes
Tell me what it takes
Till you believe in me
'Cause I believe in you


Written, composed and arranged
Robby Valentine
Lead-vocals, harmony-vocals, grand-piano, synthesizers, rhythm-guitars, drum and synth programming, synth basses
Robby Valentine
Extra harmony-vocals
Johan Willems
Fairlight programming
Attie Bauw
Produced, engineered and mixed
Erwin Musper

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The Magic Breeze