Embrace The Unknown video premiere

January 31, 2024

Out February 6th

On the 6th of February the music video for Embrace the Unknown will premiere on YouTube. The music video gives the viewer an insight into Robby's world, making us temporary guests. Imprisoned in his own mind, he's there all alone in the dark. He is left with his memories of good times that will never be relived and the dreams and ambitions he once had and now has to let go of. One by one they burn and his world gets covered in their ashes.

All this time he is all alone in this world. Portrayed bandmembers are versions of himself: On guitar Envi La 10, on bass Val Roberts on drums Rob V. We see an image of how glaucoma destroys the optic nerves. From the ashes angels emerge. Their comforting choir surrounds him. In the beginning he is not aware of their presence, but as soon as he says he has to embrace the unknown he gets embraced by one of the angels.

More images of what he has to let go of burn and all the while the angels keep singing to him, comforting him. Then all of the sudden they seem to be gone. He's alone again, but an angel touches his shoulder, leaving her handprint there as a silent witness of her presence: their support is there even though he can't see them. The camera zooms out and we are being pulled out of his world. She whispers in his ear: "The wound is where the light enters you" and then vanishes. Robby then also disappears. Embraced by the blackness of blindness the video closes off with full loss of sight: Embrace the Unknown.

Who will join the premiere and the live chat through this link?

Watch the premiere!

If you don't want to wait until the 6th of February, join us in CAPSLOC this Saturday. There the music video will be shown on screen at the show.

Directed by the amazingly talented Sebastiaan Spijker

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